Compensation Earnings Report

The Compensation Earnings and Payment Report details earnings and payments for print books sold through Ingram's Global Distribution network and for ebooks* (where applicable) sold through CoreSource.

In the left-side navigation menu, click Reports - New, then click Compensation to view your paid and unpaid compensation earnings reports.

In the compensation report image shown below, the Most Recent Payment option was selected, which shows compensation earnings from the last paid period.

  1. Reporting of Paid Compensation earnings. The cards displayed show the amount of compensation paid for sales in each market.
  2. Estimated Unpaid Compensation. This is the same information from the “Unpaid Invoices Due” report in the Classic reporting.
  3. There is a summary line for returns listed on the paid compensation report. To view returned books, see the Returns at a Glance reporting.
  4. You can download the report or create a customized report. Select the date range view or custom to create a customized report. Click HERE to learn more.
  5. Click Show Title Detail to see a list of the titles, sales, and the amount of compensation paid or will be paid.



Important note about the New Reporting and the Classic Reporting.

In the new reporting, we have changed how we report sales data to you. In the classic reports, sales data was not reported to you until 24-48 hours after a distribution order was completely closed out of our system. In the new reports, your sales data is updated within 24-48 hours after we receive an order from one of our retail partners. This means you see your sales happening closer to the date of the transaction. Here's an example:

  1. We received a wholesale/distribution order for a book on January 1st (This sale is now available in the New Sales Reports and appeared in the reporting on January 1st)
  2. The order is printed and shipped to the retailer/bookseller on January 5th. (Retailer ship times may vary)
  3. The order is posted to our sales compensation reporting on January 7th (This sale is now visible on the Print Sales Report in the Classic Sales Reports)
  4. The Sales Compensation period is closed on February 1st (The compensation amount is now available in the New Unpaid Sales Compensation section of the Compensation Report)

Keep in mind that an order is not considered final until after it has been shipped. Retailers have the option to cancel orders prior to fulfillment, and any such cancellations can cause fluctuations between your sales data and your compensation data.

*Ebook services are only available to publishers in our Ignite program. Click here to learn more.

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