Compensation Payment Schedule


Publishers may select from the publisher compensation payment methods* listed below:

  • USD ACH direct deposit (must be US-based bank) - No minimum
  • USD PayPal – $30.00 minimum  
  • USD Check - $30.00 minimum
  • CAD ACH direct deposit (must be Canada-based bank) - $25.00 minimum
  • GBP BACS direct deposit (must be UK-based bank) - No minimum
  • EUR BACS direct deposit (must be EUROZONE-based bank) - €25.00 minimum
  • AUD BACS direct deposit (must be AU-based bank, NO NZL banks) - $25.00 minimum

Payments will be made to the publisher, via the selected payment method, 90 days** from the end of the month in which the sales are reported***. 

Negative publisher compensation will be reported through accounts payable with immediate terms and will be reflected in the next month’s report publisher-facing report. Negative publisher compensation can occur where the combination of retail price and discount doesn’t result in enough publisher compensation to cover the cost of printing the book. Use our publisher compensation calculator to ensure your pricing is set up correctly.

*PLEASE NOTE: Certain payment methods require minimum compensation thresholds to be met before payments are issued. Regardless of the chosen payment method or currency, Lightning Source may issue payments by check in USD. The ability to change payment currencies is provided for business reasons and should not be used to attempt to make foreign exchange gains. If foreign exchange gain use is suspected the facility may be suspended without warning.

** Payments are made to Public Domain / mass-produced providers 180 days from the end of the month in which the sales are reported.

***If the publisher’s compensation is less than the minimum thresholds for the selected payment method in a month, publisher compensation will be paid in the next applicable month that cumulative compensation is over the applicable threshold.

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Ebook Compensation Payment Schedule



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