Declared Unit Value

What is the Declared Unit Value?

The Declared Unit Value is a per-unit value of a shipment as declared by the publisher (you) to act as the basis for the computation of duties and taxes. This value should adequately represent the selling price or the manufacturing value of the applicable unit declared and is equal to or higher than the declared value for carriage. This is a mandatory field that must be completed on all orders shipping outside of the UK for customs information. It is used to generate the Customs Invoice sent with the consignment.

Where does it appear?

The Declared Unit Value appears on the Order Summary page before the Unit Selling Price. 




What should I put in the Declared Unit Value field?

The value to be entered depends on the end customer that the order is shipping to.

If this product has been sold by the publisher to a customer before it is printed and shipped, then the Declared Unit Value should be the selling price (retail price) between the publisher and the publisher’s customer. This could be an end-user, a retailer, or another wholesaler/distributor.




If the product is being printed for stocking purposes for publisher inventory, then the Declared Unit Value should be the cost of manufacturing (print cost) by Lightning Source.




For orders printed in the UK, if no value is entered or a value less than the Unit Selling Price is entered, the value will be updated automatically to match the Unit Selling Price.

Note: This value should never be entered as anything other than the value of a single unit (retail price or print cost) as this figure is then multiplied by the number of units being purchased. If this value is input incorrectly the customs invoice will be incorrect and this may lead to additional charges and exceptions being raised by customs. 



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