Large Print Titles

Large print editions are designed for readers who are print impaired, or who have other
reading difficulties. The use of larger fonts and clearer layouts is required for books in this
format. Guidelines vary by region; however, we have provided some basic guidance below.

Mandatory for large print files:
• Font size must not be below 14 point
• Set in easy-to-read Sans Serif font (e.g., Arial, Helvetica, Luciole)
• No italics, bold, underlining, or large blocks of capital letters
• No information is conveyed solely through colour, images, or diagrams

General guidance for large print files:
• Layout is clear and consistent
• Font size of 14-18 point is typically considered large print – 16-point font is recommended
• Paper and text should have adequate contrast
• Paper is non-glossy
• Add a large print badge to your cover or label to your spine

Further guidance can be found here:
UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF)
Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
American Council of the Blind (ACB)
Accessible Information Solutions

Best practice for large print metadata:
• Large print should be referenced in the edition description (recognised in ONIX)
• Add language in the description advising the title is a large print edition 
• Include the book block font and font size in the description of the book
• Consider listing your large print titles under their own imprint

Large print title set-up:
• For web account submissions please enable the large print flag
• For ACS submissions please enter the large print Flexfield number (20) into a flex field
column (AT-AX) and input a Y as the value
• For distributions from CoreSource please enable the large print flag


For additional assistance or information, please contact your customer support representative. 


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