Scanned Books

If you are unable to submit digital files for Lightning Source to process and print from, you can submit an already printed book instead. We will take the book apart, scan the cover and interior pages, produce digital files, and print from these files.


Fees for Scanning a Book:

The total cost of scanning your book is based on the exterior, page count, and if your title has images within the text.

Exterior Cover Scanning for both Hardback and Paperback is $75.00 or £47.00

Interior Book Block Scanning is $0.25 or £0.19 per page. This includes blank pages and up to 20 B&W halftone images.

If the interior pages of your book have more than 20 halftone images, then additional images are billable at a rate of 20 halftone images at $80.00 or £50.00.

Cost example of scanning a hardback book with 180pp and 30 images:




Cover Scan



Interior Scan



Additional Images







Instructions for Submitting a Book for Scanning:

Step 1:

Pre-lim Pages:

Pre-lim pages are new pages that will replace pages in the original physical text (for example, replacement copyright pages). If you have these, they will need to be sent to your CSR. They will pass them to Premedia so that they are ready to be added when the physical book to be scanned arrives.

Title Set-Up:

Set the title up on your account as normal, noting the below:

Special Instructions:

The special instructions field is your opportunity to include anything the technician will need to know while processing the title. 

If you have any pre-lim pages this should be noted in the special instructions as well.


Print Content Delivery:

When completing the set-up of your title make sure to select “Hard Copy” as the file delivery method. Note that all scanned materials will be destroyed and will not be sent back to you.


Step 2:

When packaging your scan material, it is required to include the ISBN that matches the title set up. You can provide this on the Title Processing Checklist, attached at the bottom of this page. This should act as your packing list.

Note: Special instructions should not be provided in the packaging. If you missed entering special instructions during title setup, please provide the special instruction to your CSR (with ISBN) and they can add these for you.

Step 3:

Scan material can be mailed directly to the Premedia Dept. at the address below.

Attn: Sandy Cunningham / Mail Stop 690
Ingram Content Group
14 Ingram Blvd.
Dock Door 7
Lavergne, TN 37086


Scanning Timeline:

The turn-around time to produce files from a scanned book is 15 business days. Once the scanning process is complete, Lightning Source will produce the digital files for your book and provide an electronic proof for you to review and approve on your account. You may place an order for a physical proof and then approve the eproof after receiving a printed copy of your book.


Quality and Appearance of a Scanned Book:

Because your book will be scanned and reprinted, the quality may be less than the original printed book.

One thing to consider is the presence of halftone images. 

A halftone is an image that is made up of a series of dots rather than a continuous tone. These dots can be different sizes, different colors, and sometimes even different shapes. Larger dots are used to represent darker, denser areas of the image, while smaller dots are used for lighter areas.

Since a halftone image is made up of discrete dots, it requires significantly less ink to print than a continuous-tone image. When printed with black ink, a grayscale image converts to a pattern of black dots that simulates the continuous tones of the original image. 

When printing a grayscale image with black ink, you essentially are printing a B&W photograph because the halftone is simply black dots of ink. Examples of halftone images include:

  • Photographs, black and white or color
  • Pencil drawings with shading
  • Grey (shaded) bar and boxes
  • Grey lines and text
  • Grey drawings
  • Grey boxes with white text or with black text
  • Graphs and charts with multiple shading

What would not be considered a halftone?

  • A solid black pencil drawing
  • Solid black line drawing
  • Black chart
  • Black line graphs

NOTE: Color text and images may become black when scanned.




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