Making Changes or Edits to Files - Submitting File Revisions

If edits or changes are needed to either the cover or interior of a book, uploading a revised file is fast and simple.


STEP 1. Locate the Title on Your Account.

  • From the left menu bar, click on Titles and then All Titles.
  • Search for the title you would like to revise. You can search by Title, Contributor, or ISBN.
  • Click on the name of the book title to access the Title Details page.



STEP 2. Upload the Revised File(s)

  • From within the Title Information page, click on the Upload New Files button that appears in the top left-hand corner.


  • Drag and Drop your new file(s) into place, or click Browse to look for the files on your computer.
  • Click the Continue button and you should see the following message:
    “Content Upload Validation”
    The content upload validation process will now check your uploaded content for errors. Should we find any errors you will see on-screen messaging advising you to either correct and re-upload your content or, where possible for us to do so, offer a free file fix option.

Note: Refer to the Content Upload Validation section of the Lightning Source User Guide for more information on how your content is validated.

If a third party will be uploading the revised files, send them the ‘Send a File Upload link’ and you'll receive a notification when that upload is complete.


STEP 3. Complete the Revision Submission

  • Review your revision fees for accuracy.
  • Use the drop-down menu to indicate whether a physical proof of the revised content will be required.

Note: This action does not create a proof order. To ensure that a proof order is not printed before your revised content has been processed, please contact the support team who will confirm once it is safe for you to submit an order.

Only US publishers can use the notes box provided to provide a shipping address for a revised proof. All other customers will be asked to create a proof order within their online account once support confirms it is safe to do so.

  • Select your payment method from the drop-down list shown.
  • Click I Agree to complete your revision submission.
  • Your revision upload is now complete, and you should see the following message:



Revision Incomplete: Publishers may see a Revision Incomplete status on their account if they begin the revision process but do not finish it.

Interior File Revisions:

If a change is needed to the interior of a book, the entire interior file needs to be submitted for a revision to process correctly. Even if only one page has an update – we must have a full interior file. If only the updated pages or corrected area is submitted, the book’s page count and printing will be incorrect. Lightning Source prints what you provide in the uploaded files, and your book will not print correctly if the entire file is not submitted.

Cover File Revisions:

If you only need to make changes to the cover of a book, then you only need to submit a revised cover file. A new interior file does not need to be submitted unless changes are also needed for the interior of the book.

Changes to a book that might require a new cover file: 

A new cover file is required when the spine width of the book has changed. If a change is made to the interior file that changes the page count by more than four pages, the spine width is different and a new cover file might be required.  

A change in paper type might also alter the spine width. For example, if you change from Standard Color 50 to Premium Color a new file might be required because the paper weight is different, causing the spine width to change. 

The best way to determine if you need a new cover file is by using our Weight and Spine Width Calculator. Use this helpful tool to compare your spine width before and after any changes. If the spine width changes because of changes to the interior file or paper type, a new cover file will be needed.

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