What products and services does Lightning Source offer?

Lightning Source offers a suite of services that makes doing business in today's high-tech world both easy and profitable for publishers. Lightning Source has two primary lines of business:

  • An on-demand printing division that allows a book to be printed to order in a range of formats within 2 business days, whether the order is for one book or one hundred. Short-run and web direct distribution orders are printed and fulfilled within 5-10 business days.
  • A comprehensive ebook digital fulfillment system provides a full range of services from digital rights management to content delivery in multiple formats.

Please contact your Lightning Source Sales Representative for more information.


Is Lightning Source a publisher?

No. Lightning Source is designed to be a resource for publishers, providing printing, distribution, and digital fulfillment services. Publishers maintain all rights to their titles and pay author royalties.


Is Lightning Source an out-of-print service? 

With Lightning Source's print-on-demand service, publishers can now revive out-of-print titles and prevent premature extinction of low-volume sellers. In addition, publishers can test the market or launch a new publication through our services.


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