Aerio is an independent retail network built for book lovers to market & sell books direct to consumers.


  • Create a store within minutes. Literally.
  • Embed your store on a website or blog. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video
  • Already have a fully developed site complete with product pages? Just add buy buttons and a cart
  • Make media-rich landing pages for your books with video, audio and images


  • Sell books anywhere people hang out online—websites, blogs, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Product pages, stores and cart are optimized for mobile viewing
  • E-books are fulfilled in EPUB and Kindle’s mobil format, so no special readers needed
  • Print books are picked, packed and shipped by the reliable people at Ingram Content Group
  • Payment, customer service and taxes handed by

Author Marketing

Whether you’re a self-publisher seeking another sales channel, a traditionally published author looking for ways to mobilize your platform, or a savvy publisher giving your authors new tools, can help you sell more books to those painstakingly cultivated fans.

  • Sell from any page on your website or blog with commerce-enabled widgets
  • Encourage fans to sell from their sites, earning them real revenue
  • Use buyers’ email addresses to further develop your relationship

Expand Your Audience, with or without Direct Sales

Already have e-commerce through your website? Suspect that you still need to link to retailers like Barnes and Noble, Amazon or Apple? No worries.’s got you covered with Plus, a retail enhancement that gives you more options for marketing and sales, and Flyer, a premium marketing option that will help you hook readers across the web. 

  • Create and share a sample chapter or two on your website or social feeds
  • Collect email addresses within the sample
  • Link readers to traditional book retail outlets


For more information and to get started, please visit the Aerio help center here. You can also access a list of FAQs and more here

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