Title Status Definitions

Once you set up a title on your account, it moves through several stages of the setup process. Below are the different statuses and what each one means.


AWAITING SYSTEM APPROVAL: The Premedia team is almost finished creating the eproof from the print-ready files that were uploaded. The files are undergoing a final check, and if a physical proof was ordered, it is in the process of being printed and reviewed.

AWAITING UPDATE: Lightning Source has received the book files, but there are issues with the interior, the cover, or both. Publishers will receive an email detailing the issues that were discovered.

AWAITING YOUR APPROVAL: An eproof is waiting to be approved. Review the eproof carefully for errors and formatting issues, as well as a final copy-edit. If there are issues with the eproof, it should be rejected, and corrected/revised files should be uploaded.

CONTENT BEING VALIDATED:  Content being validated is a preflight check for reviewing the uploaded files. If the book is in this status, the files have not been submitted/uploaded to Lightning Source. Please click on the book/title name and continue the file submission.

IN PROCESSING: The book and metadata information are being reviewed by the Catalog Integrity team. 

ON HOLD: The publisher requested that we place the title on hold.

PROCESSING: Lightning Source has received the uploaded files, and the Premedia team is examining them to ensure they are compatible with the Lightning Source printers. (This will generally take 3-5 business days to complete.)


There are two possible reasons for the status of a title to change to Revision Incomplete:

1. If the publisher clicks on the book's title name to edit any metadata such as title name, summary, imprint name, or pricing and does not click the Save button (checkmark button) shortly after, the status of the title will remain at Revision Incomplete. To resolve this, click the Undo Revision button found on the Dashboard page or the All Titles page (to the right of the book title). Then click on the book's title name to redo the edit and immediately click Save. The title status should change from Revision Incomplete to another status within 2 minutes.

2. The Revision Incomplete status could mean the files have been uploaded; but, they were not submitted. Click on the book/title name, upload the files, and follow through to the end of the prompts on the screen. Once logged back into the account, find the title with the status "On Hold or Revision Incomplete" and click on the book title name.

Click the Upload New Files button at the top left of the page, to be taken to a file upload page. Follow the prompts on the screen, and click the buttons at the bottom right of the page to continue the process.

SETUP INCOMPLETE: If information has been entered about the book, but the final setup page (and file upload) hasn't been completed, the book will be listed as “Setup Incomplete.”

TITLE AVAILABLE: Congratulations! The book is fully set up and a print copy can be ordered.

Note: This doesn’t reflect whether or not the book is “in distribution,” which is how retailers and wholesalers will gain access to ordering the book. To see if distribution services have been added, click on the title of the book, and scroll down to “Distribution” underneath Print Details to see if this has been "enabled". 

TITLE HAS BEEN CANCELLED: This status will appear if a publisher requests a book/title be canceled. These books will never disappear completely from an account. Publishers have 6 months to reactivate a canceled book/title by emailing support. After 6 months the files are deleted from the Lightning Source system.

TITLE HAS BEEN REJECTED: The eproof has been rejected by the publisher. The publisher will need to upload new files for review by Premedia or contact support for changes to move forward with the book.

TITLE AS EXPIRED: The book/title had been in a canceled status for six months.  It has been moved to expired and the files have been deleted from the LS system.  New files must be uploaded if the book is to be live again. 

Title in Revision: Revised files have been received and are being processed through the Premedia department. (Interiors may process in as little as 1 day; covers can take 2-4 business days.)

TITLE IN SETUP: Once print-ready files have been uploaded, the book title will be listed as “Title in Setup” briefly, before moving into Premedia for review.

Note: If a book/title is listed as “Title in Setup” for more than 2 days, there may be an issue or error with the files.

TITLE METADATA CHANGE: This status appears if the publisher has requested distribution or pricing be removed for a book/title. If the book is being transferred to another account, it may also show this status.

TITLE PENDING REVISION: If a book/title was already in distribution when revised files were uploaded, any orders placed before the upload must be fulfilled before we can update the files in the Lightning Source system. The book/title will continue to show this status until all orders are printed and no new orders are received. The revision will not be processed until all orders are printed. Sometimes it takes longer than anticipated for the revision to process, due to orders continuing to come in for a book.


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