Using the Cover Template

The Cover Template Generator is a tool publishers and their designers may use to see specifications for a particular cover. The template displays bleed and safety areas, and it also provides a free barcode. In addition, the template provides information such as spine width and document size. We recommend using the template for all cover submissions. You may use our Cover Template Generator here

If using an InDesign template:

The InDesign template will only open in InDesign. For instruction, you may refer to the "Cover Set Up" section of the File Creation Guide, attached at the bottom of this article. 

As of April 2020, the cover template generator only delivers InDesign templates that are compatible with InDesign CS6 and newer. 

If using a PDF template:

The PDF template should be ordered if using any program other than InDesign. Cover artwork cannot be placed on the template directly in Acrobat. If this is done, and not saved properly, all of the elements placed in Acrobat will drop out when processed and will be rejected by our file technicians.

If you are not using a “Graphic Program” (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark), then instructions for using the template can vary based on the program you are using. In most cases, the PDF can be used like an image. It can be placed in the background as an image, and the cover is created over it. The barcode is part of the PDF in this case, and you will either have to place a barcode of your own or crop the template down to just the barcode. You can, of course, submit it without a barcode and we will place one in the lower right corner of the back cover. It’s important to know that the PDF sent via the cover template generator is high resolution (300 PPI) at a specific size. Just because a program allows the template to be used, it does not guarantee that the program used will open it at the correct size and resolution, or save it at the correct size and resolution.

 If you are using Photoshop, you may refer to our File Creation Guide, attached. It has specific instructions about opening the PDF in Photoshop. 

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