Espresso Book Machine

The Espresso Book Machine is owned by On Demand Books and is an instore machine that prints, binds, and trims perfect bound, black and white interior books, with a color cover, while the customer waits in the store. They can print color interior books but, due to quality concerns, we do not provide them with files to color interior books. Click the following link to view a short video about these machines.

The locations of all Espresso Book Machines can be found here:

While Espresso Book Machines are located around the world, Lightning Source can only provide digital files to the machines located in the countries we currently accept pricing for (US, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Global Connect countries). For more information on Global Connect, click here

We are not able to supply digital files to the machines in places such as South Africa, Egypt, or United Arab Emirates, to name a few.


What book types can be printed? 

If your book fits the criteria below, it is available to be printed on the Espresso Book Machines:

Small Paperback / Crème or white 50lb/75gsm paper:

5 x 8 in (203 x 127 mm)

5.5 x 8.5in (216 x 140 mm)

5.830 x 8.270 in (210 x 148 mm) A5 

6.000 x 9.000 in (229 x 152 mm)

Small Paperback / ONLY White 50lb/75gsm paper:

5.060 x 7.810 in (198 x 129 mm)

6.140 x 9.210 in (234 x 156 mm)

Large Paperback / White 50lb/75gsm paper:

6.690 x 9.610 in (244 x 170 mm)

7.000 x 10.000 in (254 x 178 mm)

7.440 x 9.690 in (246 x 189 mm)

7.500 x 9.250 in (235 x 191 mm)

8.250 x 11.000 in (280 x 210 mm)

8.268 x 11.693 in (297 x 210 mm) A4


Publisher compensation:

If your book is printed and sold through the EBM network, you will be paid as if it were sold in the US with the US price and discount that you’ve provided. You earn the same compensation as you do for US sales.

Please contact the client services support team for assistance in adding this distribution channel to your titles.  


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