Title Processing Error Status

If your title has been placed in a status of "Title Processing Error", also referred to as “Waitspecs" (Waiting for Customer Specifications) you may be wondering what that means and how to move forward. This status indicates our file technicians may have discovered something in your file that could cause a printing issue. In many cases, the file will need to be adjusted by the publisher or designer to correct the issue, and it will be submitted as a revision on the account. Any revisions submitted due to a "Title Processing Error" notice will not incur the $40.00 per file revision fee.

Some common errors are listed below:

  • Crop Marks on Interior PDF File
    Crop marks, printer marks, and registration marks are unnecessary for our printing process, and they could appear when the book is printed. We ask that files be submitted without crop marks, printer marks, or registration marks.
  • Complex Image in Interior/Cover PDF File
    Complex images can sometimes cause delays in the printing process and should be flattened/rasterized.
  • Cover File Uploaded for Interior Part (or Interior File Uploaded for Cover Part)
    In order to ensure your book prints correctly, you may resubmit the files in their respective locations on the file upload page.
  • Corrupt Interior/Cover File
    Typically, a corrupt file occurs when there is a bad font or image, but it can also be caused by a special character (such as an ampersand “&”) in the file name. The errors will need to be fixed to ensure your book prints as intended.
  • Barcode is Not Formatted Correctly
    Barcodes are mandatory on all titles, and barcodes that will not scan will cause delays in the printing process. Barcodes should be black only (0 Cyan / 0 Magenta / 0 Yellow / 100 Black) and placed over a white box or background. Barcodes should also be large enough to scan (we recommend 1.75” x 1”) and should be a vector graphic or high-quality rasterized.
  • Cover Layout Submitted is Not Built to the Correct Specifications
    If the cover artwork is submitted at the wrong trim size or if it does not correspond to your title’s metadata (trim size, bind type, interior type, page count), you will need to submit a new file. If you are having difficulty formatting your cover to meet our specifications, we recommend using our Cover Template Generator.
  • Revised Interior/Cover Submission Did Not Fix All Issues
    Although new files were uploaded, there are still issues that could occur in printing, and corrected files will need to be submitted.
  • PDF Document Size is Incorrect
    The PDF document size refers to the entire document, including crop marks, measurement notes, and white space of our cover template. The PDF document size is noted in the white area of our cover template.

Please refer to the File Creation Guide to help resolve the errors noted above.

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