Jacketed Case Laminate Option

With our jacketed case laminate offering, you can now upload an additional cover file in place of the blue or grey Digital Cloth™ hardcover options and have the image in your cover file printed directly on the book cover with a jacket. You can include spine text, text on the front cover and/or back cover, logos, art, or anything you choose to place anywhere on your book cover when you build your cover file.

The blue and grey Digital Cloth™ hardcover options will still be available with or without a jacket if you’d prefer to not customize your book’s cover with an additional file upload.

Suggestions for Using the Jacketed Case Laminate Hardcover Offering

  • Use the current design on your book jacket to print on the book cover so they both have matching images (Many children's books and cookbooks are printed with a jacket that matches the cover)
  • Upload a file of a solid color of your choosing (only matte and gloss laminate options available)
  • Custom design whatever you’d like your book beneath your jacket to look like, including the spine, the front cover, and back cover
  • Choose the font, colors, and images you prefer printed on the cover of your book, and include your logo on the spine if you’d like.

Trim Sizes Available for Jacketed Case Laminate Hardcover Books

Currently, this offering is available in limited trim sizes:

  • 5 x 8" (203 x 127mm)
  • 5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm)
  • 6 x 9" (229 x 152mm)
  • 6.14 x 9.21" (234 x 156mm)

New Title Setup Process

During the title setup process, when choosing your print format, select the Jacketed Case Laminate option underneath the hardcover binding type, shown in the image below. If this option does not appear, it is not available for the trim size selected.

At this time, only gloss or matte lamination is available for the Jacketed Case Laminate hardcover option. Whichever laminate you choose is the laminate that will be used for the book cover and the jacket.

The blue and grey Digital Cloth™ hardcover options will have the textured lamination over the cover, with or without a jacket. If you choose to have your book manufactured with a jacket, you have the option of either gloss or matte lamination for the jacket.


The two cover file upload options for a jacketed case laminate book will be ‘Cover’ and ‘Jacket', shown in the image below. You will also need to upload your interior file, as usual.


The file naming convention for the jacket file is




Both are acceptable and can be paired with ISBN_cover.pdf and ISBN_cov.pdf

Changes to Existing Titles

If you have a hardcover book currently setup on your Lightning Source account and you would like to change the cover to this offering, please email support for help and include your account number, the ISBN/EAN and title of the book: 

US and Canada: lsicustomersupport@ingramcontent.com

United Kingdom: clientrelationsuk@ingramcontent.com

Australia: lsiaustralia@ingramcontent.com



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