Title Transfers

Title Transfers

If you’re interested in transferring a title from one Lightning Source or IngramSpark account to another, please review the information below.

Title transfers within Lightning Source/IngramSpark accounts

  • The Title Transfer Addendum needs to be completed by the author or publisher receiving the book/title ISBN and files it into their Lightning Source account.
  • We require written permission, by email, from the author/publisher who currently has possession of the title and files stating the title, files and ISBN can be released and transferred to the author/publisher account. 
  • The account receiving the transfer must be fully activated.
  • All the sales and returns history for the ISBN will also transfer over to the author/publisher account if the same ISBN is used. Please review the paragraph further below, marked as IMPORTANT for more information.

CreateSpace Transfers     

  • The Title Transfer Addendum needs to be completed by the author or publisher receiving the title, ISBN, and files into their account.
  • If CreateSpace or KDP owns the ISBN or if it is CreateSpace or KDP exclusive, it cannot be transferred.
  • If the author/publisher owns the ISBN, the files and ISBN can be transferred to the author/publisher account once Expanded Distribution is removed and CreateSpace or KDP confirms with Lightning Source support the transfer can be completed.
  • If the title has never been in Expanded Distribution, it can be set up as a new title on the Lightning Source account without having to go through the title transfer process.
  • The account receiving the transfer of the title, ISBN, and files must be fully activated.

Transfer Information

Transfer requests and the completed Title Transfer Addendum can be sent to ingramsparksupport@ingramcontent.com. You can find the Addendum attached to this article.

Title transfers can take up to 30 days to complete. 

Once a title is transferred to the author or publisher's Lightning Source account, that author/publisher will be responsible for the title moving forward. This includes invoices, returns, and compensation payments for sales through Ingram/Lightning Source's global distribution network.

The author/publisher of the transferred title will have the ability to update metadata, submit new files, and make revisions to the files for the title.

IMPORTANT: If the same ISBN will be used and transferred, all of the title's history moves with it, including returns, if the book was returnable with the previous publisher. If the book was listed as returnable when transferred and the same ISBN is used, the new owner/publisher will receive returns, if there are any. If the return status is changed from returnable to non-returnable, returns will be allowed and accepted for 180 days. To avoid returns for a book that was listed as returnable with a prior publisher, it is best to obtain a new ISBN.

You can have your book in your own Lightning Source account and available for sale through Ingram/Lightning Source's global distribution network AND have it in your Amazon CreateSpace or Kindle Publishing (KDP) account, as long as you do not use their Expanded Distribution option.


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