Order FAQs

How do I know when I will receive my order?
This will depend on the printing and shipping method chosen when your order was placed. Orders typically begin the printing process the following business day after the order is placed, and printing time is calculated in business days. 

Shipping is also calculated in business days, and shipping turn-around-time varies depending on where an order is printed. There are three printing facilities in the United States, and it typically takes 1-5 business days in shipping time for an order to be delivered with UPS Ground.

*Basic shipping methods are non-trackable/non-insurable, and Ingram is unable to determine where an order is once it leaves our print facility. If an order placed with this shipping method is damaged or missing, we are unable to issue replacements or a credit.

How do I check the status of my order?
To view the status of an order, log in to your account and click on the ORDERS tab. You can click on the link for SUBMITTED ORDERS to locate an order or click on the link for SEARCH FOR ORDERS and enter the criteria to search with.
- Pending – The order has been submitted but is not scheduled to begin the printing process. This status is commonly seen when the eproof is not approved. If your title is not in production, orders will not print.
- Submitted – This means that the order has recently been submitted, but it has not been routed to a print facility yet.
- Print Ready – The order is ready to begin the printing process.
- Printing – The order has been routed to a print facility, and it is in the printing process.
- Shipped – This means that the order has shipped and is out for delivery.

How do I calculate the print and shipping cost of an order?
You can calculate the cost of an order in two ways:
     1. You can create a mock order on your account.
     2. You can use our Print and Shipping Calculator.
Freight charges are calculated based on several factors, including the number of titles in an order, the overall size of the book, the shipping destination, and the shipping method. When placing an order on your Lightning Source account, the order total will reflect an accurate charge based on the courier service's published rates. We also offer basic shipping as a low-cost alternative. Please note that orders shipped via basic shipping are not traceable or insurable.


Can I pick up my order at a print facility?
For safety reasons, we do not allow customers to pick up their orders from a print facility.


How do I cancel an order?
Orders can be canceled on your Lightning Source account within the first 30 minutes after the order is placed. There will be a blue "Cancel" button beside the order number on the Submitted Orders page. If it's been longer than 30 minutes, please contact customer support to see if your order can be canceled.


Where will my order print? 

Lightning Source has print facilities in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Australia.

You can specify the country of manufacture when placing an order through your account. Simply select US, UK, or AU during the order process to choose which country your books will print in. 

In the US, there are print facilities in Tennessee and Ohio. However, you cannot choose a specific print facility within the US. We make every effort to manufacture each order at the most efficient location based on geography, capacity, and capability. There are many variables that influence where a specific order will be manufactured (equipment, weather, logistics, volume, capacity, site capability, etc). Based on these factors, a customer’s order may print at any of the US facilties and the location could change from order to order.

In the US, orders of 2,000 copies or more may be printed at an offset printer and receive better pricing when the Extended Print Service is selected during an order. Print turnaround times are longer with this print service option and not all book types are eligible. You can tell if an order can be printed by the offset printer by the pricing estimate of your order. If a lower price is not reflected, then the order cannot be printed with this option.


Do I receive any discounts?
We offer discounts based on order quantity and the BOLT program. You can read more about BOLT here.


How do I submit a claim for an order issue?
If you believe there is an issue with your order, please let us know. Please see more info in our Order Claims article here.


What packing materials do you use?
Publisher orders are shipped in unbranded, brown, Kraft, single-walled corrugated cartons having a minimum corrugating test weight of 275 pounds. All cartons and boxes are unbranded.
- Carton size and shape are closely matched with each order to minimize packaging materials usage and ensure sturdy packaging, thereby minimizing transit damage.
- Lightning Source determines the size-specific carton by the number of books in the shipment and the size of the individual
- Our vendors have approved the way we pack our cartons with kraft paper on two sides of the box.


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