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LSI Proof Orders


Proof orders allow you to review a physical copy your book before approving your digital proof.  The eproof should be used to verify the placement of cover and interior elements and should not be used to evaluate color or quality. The only way to assess the color and quality of your books is to order a physical copy.


During title setup, you have the option to select if you would like a proof order. If you choose to receive a proof, you will need to place and submit a proof order once your files are submitted to LSI for review.


The file review process for new titles typically takes 3-5 business days, and you will receive an eproof to approve once your files are processed and approved by our file technicians. Once your eproof is generated, your proof order will route to a print facility and begin the printing process.


The proof orders automatically include rush printing and overnight shipping in efforts to have the physical proof to you as soon as possible. For paperback books, the turnaround time for printing of a proof order is about 2 business days and for a hardcover is about 3 business days. This does not include transit time.


Once you have reviewed the digital or physical proof and approved this for printing, you can then move forward with submitting your short-run orders. You can submit individual orders for each unique ship-to location and select the desired turn-around-time during this process.


How to Place a Proof Order

Login to

- Go to 'My Orders'

- Select 'Create A New Order' from the drop down menu.

- Click 'Start Search' (or specific search criteria can be entered)

- Once the title(s) appears, select the box next to the title(s) you wish to order, and click 'add to order' at bottom.

- On the envelope screen - update address, shipping method, and quantity if necessary. (For a proof, please update 'order type' to PROOF located under the envelope section.)

Any changes made to this screen, please select 'update order' at the bottom and verify all updates. Shipping, handling, printing, and discounts applied based on the address, shipping method chosen, and quantity ordered will be displayed in lower right hand corner.


If you wish to submit the order for printing:

- Click submit order, you will be prompted to pay

- Enter the payment method and confirmation email. When your payment has been accepted the order is submitted/completed.


- If you do not wish to submit the order, it can be deleted here:

Go to 'my orders', 'orders not yet submitted' select 'delete' under "what next?" then click 'Go'.

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