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What Ebook files can Lightning Source distribute? 
The EPUB format is the official ebook standard of the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) and is designed for reflowable content. This means an EPUB reader can optimize text for a specific display device so that it is easier to read.

Most ebook retailers will not sell PDF files in their online stores. Therefore, we do not accept them for ebooks.

Each of Lightning Source’s major ebook retail partners has unique file requirements. A valid EPUB file for an ebook enables us to satisfy the requirements of each retail partner, getting your ebook where it belongs—on every device.


Can’t you just use my PDF?
The majority of e-retailers will not sell PDF files in their e-book stores. The EPUB format is the official standard of the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) and is designed for reflowable content, meaning an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device.


Can I run my PDF through an EPUB converter?
Not all EPUBS are created alike. Most conversion services, particularly the free ones, have disclaimers that their conversion services are not suitable for a production environment.
We highly encourage you to verify that the files created at each site will be suitable for a production or manufacturing environment and not for personal use only.


Is there a way to tell if my file is valid before I upload it to Lightning Source?
Yes, we recommend running your file through  https://www.pagina.gmbh/produkte/epub-checker/. You will have to download the app but it is supported by PC, Mac, and Linux. 


Is there a setup fee for ebooks?
For Ignite publishers, there are no setup or revision fees for ebooks.


What languages are available for ebooks?
The below retailers sell books in the following languages.   


What will my ebook look like?

The ebook version of a title will never look exactly like the print book, due to the nature of ebook readers (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc) and the epub file itself. For this reason, we do not provide eproofs for ebooks. The images below illustrate the same file shown on multiple devices and apps. The overall look is the same, but each e-reader tries to render the file the way it sees fit. Because of this, you will see subtle differences in the way each one looks.

The good news is this is okay. It is not necessary for the ebook to match the print title exactly.  No matter how hard you try to mirror the print title, the reader can change settings on their device that change how it is viewed. The end-user controls the experience.



Do I have ebook distribution rights?

How do you know if you own the right to have your ebook distributed? As an example, in the US, you own the rights to publish and sell the content if you are the author and are publishing the content yourself, or the author sold/gave the rights to a publisher or person who is now the owner of the ebook content being setup and uploaded.

However, there is more to do if you want to ensure your work is protected. If you are unsure or want to know more about copyrights, you can research copyright laws for the U.S. and other countries through the internet or visit Copyrights Now.  

If you do not own the distribution rights to your ebook, select “No” when setting up your titles and you will be presented with a list of global regional markets to go through and select where the ebook may be sold. Contact the customer support team if you need any help completing this step.


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