Promo Code Doesn't Work

Sometimes a new title is set up with an expired promo code, or you may have started setting up a new title, didn’t finish the title setup process, and the code originally used is now expired. When you get to the end of the payment page, you see the Title Setup fees weren’t waived.

If you enter a new code in the field on the Title Setup page and/or on the payment page, where the old code is/was, but it still doesn’t waive the TS fees, so it appears the promo code doesn’t work.

Promotions codes obtained from associations that are used to waive fees should only be entered in the promo code field on the payment page. Please do not enter the code in the field on the title setup page.

Our IT team is aware of the problem and is trying to fix this. Until then, you have to reset the promotion code fields for the code to work properly.

  1. If you entered the promo code in the field on the title setup page, go into the title to the page where you entered the code and delete it.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset.jpg
  2. Go all the way to the end of the title setup, to the payment page, put the cursor in the field where you should enter the promotion code, don’t enter anything, and click the apply button a few times.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_2.jpg
  3. Click on ALL titles, on the left side toolbar and then click on the title you are adding the promo code to. SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_3.jpg
  4. Go all the way to the end of the payment page and enter the new promo code in the promotion code field, click Apply and the fees should be waived.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_4.jpg
  5. Click I agree and then click Submit.
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