Print Rate Increase November 6, 2021 FAQ

Q: Why is this price increase happening?

Due to increases in the cost of paper, packaging, labour, and operating safely during the pandemic, we have found it necessary to increase our print fees.

Q: How will this affect my titles and/or compensation earnings?

Since the print cost will be increasing, you may need to adjust the retail price of your book or lower the wholesale discount you are offering.

    • The US market print rate is increasing 6%  
    • The print rate for the UK & AU markets is increasing 3% 

Note: simply increasing your retail price by a certain percentage may not allow you to earn the compensation you are currently receiving.

Please use the Publisher Compensation Calculator to calculate your earnings for books sold through our global distribution network to help you determine if you need to adjust your pricing for any of the markets. 

You can use the Print and Shipping Calculator to determine what it will cost to print and ship books to you. 

For more information, please review the Price Change article HERE which is also available in our Help Centre.

Q: What will happen if I don’t change the pricing for my book?

We encourage you to use the Publisher Compensation Calculator to determine how much you will earn with the new increase. Doing this will help you ensure your title doesn’t show a negative amount for compensation earnings.

Q. How do I change my pricing?

You can update the price of your book, wholesale discount, or returns status on your account. Please see Price Change article HERE.

Q: When will the new pricing I submit for my book go into effect?

You can submit updates to a book's list price, discount, and/or returns option, through your account no later than 11:59 PM US Central Time each Thursday, to have it applied in the Lightning Source system the next day, Friday at 12:01 AM US Central Time. The updates are then sent out to all of Ingram’s global distribution networks.

To help with converting this cut-off time to your local time zone you can find a time zone conversion tool HERE

Note: Due to Daylight Savings time changes happening at different times throughout the world, please always check the time for Nashville, TN, to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off time of 11:59 PM US Central Time each Thursday.

Q: Will shipping costs and handling fees be increasing?

No. Only the print cost is increasing.

Q: Will title set up or revision fees be increasing?

No. Only the print cost is increasing.

Q: Will orders I place during 2021 be delayed?

Our print floor is busier than usual now through January, so place your orders early.

Be sure to log into your account and view the alerts/messages on your home page regularly for current print times.

Please be aware that delivery times may take longer than usual.


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