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If you have questions about using a promotion code, this article should help you and answer questions you may have.

NOTE: If you copy and paste the promo code into the fields shown below, be sure to remove any blank spaces before or after the code.

Where do I get a promo code?

Where do I enter a promo code?

     Print Discount

     Waive Title Set Up Fee or Revision Fees

 Why are there limits to how many times a promo code can be used?

Why is the promo code not working? Resetting the Promotion Code Fields

Why are there limits to how many times a promo code can be used?

In line with our ongoing catalog integrity efforts (read more here), we now limit the number of times a promotional code can be used per Lightning Source account. 

Once a promo code has been used the maximum number of times allowed, a message will appear on the payment page, as shown in the image below:


Where do I get a promo code?

Lightning Source will sometimes offer promo codes for free title setup or discounts off the print cost of a publisher direct/short-run order, placed through the customer's account on the Lightning Source website. These offers are announced in the Lightning Source newsletter and will have limits as to how many times the code can be used, per account.

Where do I enter a promo code?


If you are entering a promo code to receive a discount off of the print cost for an order you place, the promo code should be entered on the order page, in the field circled in red, shown below:



To waive the title set up fee and/or the first year Market Access Fee (MAF) for a new title, or to waive the revision fee for a title, enter the promo code on the payment page in the promotion code field. Please do not enter the code in the promotion code field on the title setup page.

After you input the code, click the APPLY button and the fee will be waived. Click the “I agree” and “Submit” buttons and the files will begin processing.




If you enter a promotion code and don’t click the APPLY button you will be asked to

Proceed to Payment and will see options to select from.

If this happens and you want to use the promo code simply click the back arrow at the top left of the page and restart the payment process.



Sometimes a new title is set up with an expired promo code, or you may have started setting up a new title, didn’t finish the title setup process, and the code originally used is now expired. When you get to the end of the payment page, you see the Title Setup fees weren’t waived.

If you enter a new code in the field but it still doesn’t waive the TS fees, so it appears the promo code doesn’t work.

Our IT team is aware of the problem and is trying to fix this. Until then, you have to reset the promotion code fields for the code to work properly.

Instructions on how to do this are included below if you would like to do this yourself.

If you would like support to help you and reset this for you, please email them and include your account number and the ISBN of the title.

  1. Go into the title to the page where you entered the code and delete it.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset.jpg
  2. Go all the way to the end of the title setup, to the payment page, put the cursor in the field where you enter the promotion code, don’t enter anything, and click the apply button a few times.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_2.jpg
  3. Click on ALL titles, on the left side toolbar, and then click on the title you want to add the promo code to. On the title setup page, you will enter the promotion code to waive the title setup fee. Do not enter the code in this field to waive the revision fee.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_3.jpg
  4. To waive the revision fee, go all the way to the end of the payment page and enter the code in the promotion code field, click APPLY and the revision fees should be waived.SS_LS_Promo_Code_Field_reset_4.jpg
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