Using the Help Center

To better assist you, we will be focusing all United States support representatives on email ONLY at this time, temporarily removing chat and phone support. By focusing on support queries to email, we hope to answer your questions more efficiently.

As always, we encourage you to search for more general questions here in our Help Center for immediate answers. 

Here are some helpful tips to use when searching for an answer to your question in the Help Center:

  • Enter the main keyword(s) for the information you are looking for. If you are looking for returns information for books distributed through our global network, enter the keywords distribution return and the articles containing those keywords will appear
  • Avoid using words such as "a" "the" "and"
  • Let us know if the article answers your question by clicking yes or no, at the end of the article: Article_helpful.jpg

Here are a few tips we recommend when emailing the support team:

  • Provide your account number in your initial request
  • Clearly state your issue in the body of your request (i.e. “orders,” “title setup,” “availability”)
  • Provide any screenshots or photos you feel may be relevant
  • Avoid submitting more than one request about the same subject

Thank you for your patience and understanding while our team works to answer your questions. We’ll share updates as they’re available and look forward to many exciting Support improvements in 2021!

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