Consumer Received Damaged or Defective Book

If you are contacted by a consumer who received a damaged or defective copy of your book from one of Ingram's retail partners or a distribution partner of ours, the consumer needs to return the book back to the business they purchased it from for a refund or replacement.

If the consumer purchased a copy of your book from you, the book should be returned to you for a refund or replacement and you will work with the Client Services team to resolve the problem.

Although minor defects can occur during the manufacturing process of your book. Below is a list including, but not limited to, defects that when minor, are not considered to make a product unsaleable: 

  • Cover scratches
  • Smudges in the lamination (This is the glue which can be wiped off with a damp cloth)
  • Dents
  • Ink spots
  • Folded pages
  • Lamination creases or scored hinges
  • Gutter read marks

However, if you feel the book is not in good condition and you or the consumer are not happy due to a defect or damage, Lightning Source support will do their best to resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible, with all parties satisfied with the end result.

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