Compensation Payment Schedule

The following is an example of the Print On Demand distribution pricing (US dollars) for a 200-page 6x9 paperback and how the compensation you earn for a book sale is calculated:

(This is just an example)

$20.00 Retail/List Price you set

-55% Wholesale discount (what our distribution partners receive**)

$ 9.00 What the distribution partner pays us

-$3.66 Print cost 

$5.34  Compensation paid to you for every book sold

**NOTE ABOUT WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS: Bookstores do not receive the wholesale discount you offer. Offering a 53% to 55% wholesale discount allows bookstores to receive their normal trade discounts from distributors and wholesalers they buy books from. 

Lightning Source remits these payments within 90 days of the month-end reporting period following the sale.

Print Book Compensation SchedulePrint_compensation_schedule.jpg

Ebook Compensation Payment Schedule



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