Changes Coming to InDesign Server for Ingram’s Cover Template Generator in April 2020

The InDesign server utilized for delivery of our custom Cover Template Generator will no longer be maintained by Adobe after April 2020, which requires an upgrade to the InDesign CC 2019 Server. As of April 2020, the updated Cover Template Generator will continue to deliver PDF templates, but will only deliver InDesign templates that are compatible with InDesign CS6 and newer. This means, as of April 2020, InDesign CS5 and older users who currently request InDesign files from our Cover Template Generator will need to request PDF templates instead or update their version of InDesign to CS6 or newer.



PDF Template Users: Those who request PDF templates from our Cover Template Generator

InDesign CC 2019 and newer users who request InDesign templates: These users will be able to open the InDesign templates emailed to them as normal.

Those who do not utilize our Cover Template Generator


InDesign CC 2018 and older users and InDesign CS6 users: These users will be able to receive the InDesign templates from our generator and will be able to convert them to their version. They will receive the following dialog alert when opening the initial InDesign file and should choose to “convert” the file. From our testing, there is nothing “modified or omitted” when opening our templates using this process:

InDesign CS5 and older: Users who currently request our Indd template and only have an InDesign version CS5 or older will need to either request a PDF template or will need to update their software to Indesign CS6 and newer by April 2020.

We will temporarily allow these users to continue to request an Indesign CS3 template from our legacy system until April 2020, to allow sufficient time to make necessary changes.


October 2019: The InDesign CC option will appear in the Cover Template Generator interface, but InDesign CS3 will remain the default. This will allow you to begin using the new template format at your discretion in advance of the full upgrade.

January 2020: The InDesign CC option in the Cover Template Generator interface will become the default option. InDesign CS3 will remain at this point, but not be the default. This will allow those who have not fully transitioned to InDesign CC to be more aware of the upcoming change, while still providing a temporary fallback if they still need to make adjustments on their end.

April 2020: The InDesign CS3 option will be removed from the Cover Template Generator

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