Changes to Cloth Bound Hardcover Books

On October 22, 2019, we will be retiring our blue and grey cloth covers and gold foil spine stamping in favor of a blue and grey digital cloth image with linen textured lamination. 

Below are some frequently asked questions containing additional information about these

Q. What is digital cloth?
A. Digital cloth is used to describe a textured digital image designed to mirror the look of our
original cloth offering.

Q: Will anything change during the title set up process? A: Please see the following screen shots for changes:

Updated Binding Type to reflect “Digital Cloth”:


Updated Format text to reflect “Digital Cloth”:


Q. What is textured lamination?
A. This is a new offering where our matte lamination is textured to give a linen-like feel to
the finished cover.
* Please note that linen textured lamination will not be available in our Australia facility and will
be replaced by our standard matte lamination.

Q. Can I still use the stamped text fields to enter the spine text I want on my book?
A. Yes. These fields will remain available but will be referred to as spine text only and no
longer stamped.

Q. Will the font used on the spine be the same?
A. Yes. The font has been closely matched to the one used for stamped text so will have a
like-for-like appearance.

Q. What is the font name and size that will be used?
A. Cheltenham Book, 18 point

Q. Will I still be charged an additional title setup fee for spine stamping?
A. No. As of October 22nd, 2019, this fee will no longer be charged.

Q. What if I want to change my current spine text?
A. You can update this through your online account by editing your title information or by
contacting your Client Services Representative

Spine text is only required for Hard Cover (HC) Digital Cloth books. Digital cloth books are available in either blue or grey.

Up to 42 characters may be used on the spine in the following order and must not exceed the following number of characters per field:

  • LEFT: 12 characters
  • CENTER: 26 characters
  • RIGHT: 12 characters

If the number of characters allowed per field is exceeded, text will overlap on the printed book.

The available characters include 26 uppercase and lowercase English-alpha letters, numerals 1-10, space, period, comma, hyphen, quote, apostrophe, and the two parentheses.

Please type the text exactly as it should appear on the finished book.

Spine text may match or be different from the title and contributor information entered under the title information for the book.

Q. What if I want to change my book format to something other than digital cloth?
A. Contact your Client Services Representative for help with this.

Q. Will these changes impact my title availability?
A. No. Titles will not be removed from production as part of these changes, meaning there
will be no interruption to title availability.

Q. When is the last date that orders will be printed in the original cloth format?
A. October 21st, 2019 will be the last date that all orders will be printed in the original cloth

Q. When is the latest date I can place an order and receive the current cloth product?
A. You should allow for the maximum turnaround time of your selected print service level,
as outlined in the Lightning Source Print on Demand Publisher Operating Manual, plus
shipping time to your delivery location.
Please note: you should also check your account for updates regarding changes to print
service levels as busy season is approaching and turnaround times are subject to change.

Q. Do I need to make any updates to the existing cloth titles in my library to accommodate
this change?
A. No. On October 22nd, all existing cloth titles in your library will be automatically updated
to the new digital cloth product in the original color you selected (blue or grey) and with
your current spine text. You are not required to take any action throughout this transition

Photos of the new digitally printed cloth book type are available through the links below:

Please contact Client Services or sales if you have questions.

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