Weekly Updates Now Available for Price, Discount and Returns

Changes to the list price, wholesale discount and returns option are now scheduled weekly!

You no longer have to wait to make these changes only once a month. You can now update the pricing, returns option or discount more quickly, to meet a bookstore's requirements for an in-store event, as an example. Only changes to the list price, wholesale discount, and returns option are updated weekly.

You can submit updates to a book's list price, discount and/or returns option, through your account no later than 11:59 PM US Central Time each Thursday, to have it applied in the Lightning Source system every Friday at 12:01 AM US Central Time. The updates are then sent out to all of Lightning Source's global distribution network. How quickly this information is updated on a retailer's website is up to them.

To help with converting this cut off time to your local time zone you can find a time zone conversion tool here. Due to Daylight Savings time changes happening at different times throughout the world, please always check the time for Nashville, TN, to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off time of 11:59 PM US Central Time each Thursday.

NOTE: All other metadata (book information) changes will continue to update in the Lightning Source system on the first of each month if submitted at least 5 business days prior.

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