Changes to Price, Discount and Returns

You can update the list price, wholesale discount, and return status for a book within your IngramSpark account. These changes are now effective weekly.

Cutoff Time for Updates to Pricing

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How to Make Changes to or Add Pricing

Changing Returns Status

List Price Suggestions

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Changes or additional pricing information for other distribution channel markets should be submitted no later than 11:59 PM U.S. Central Time each Thursday, to have it applied in the Ingram/Lightning Source system the next day, Friday at 12:01 AM U.S. Central Time. The updates are then sent out to all of Ingram’s global distribution network.

To help with converting this cut off time to your local time zone, you can find a time zone conversion tool here

NOTE: Due to Daylight Savings time changes happening at different times throughout the world, please always check the time for Nashville, TN, USA, to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off time of 11:59 PM U.S. Central Time each Thursday.


You can update the price of your book, wholesale discount, or returns status by logging into your IngramSpark account, clicking on the title of your book, and then clicking on the blue square/pen edit button beside Market Pricing.

This is the verbiage you will see on your account when you submit a price change (shown within screen shot further below):

Update your existing prices or add new markets by selecting a desired effective date from the drop down list provided and editing the pricing fields displayed below. To remove an existing market please contact your Client Services Representative.

If the list price is printed on the back cover of your book, you will need to submit a cover revision for your title in addition to submitting the price change.

If you are changing a title from returnable to non-returnable, booksellers will continue to have the right to return books for a period of 180 days from the date notice is provided to the booksellers, and the publisher will continue to have the obligation to reimburse IngramSpark for the wholesale cost of the books being returned, plus any applicable shipping and handling charges. If you change a title from non-returnable to returnable, booksellers can return unsold copies of the book, even if the book was purchased prior to the return status change. For more information about returns, click here


When adding pricing for each market, round up the list price so it ends with .00, .95 or .99 which is more professional looking. As you can see in the example below, this was only done in the United States and Global Connect markets.

If you are promoting your book to bookstores and want to ensure they receive their trade discount when they buy from a wholesaler, offer a 53% to 55% wholesale discount. The discount you offer is what our distribution partners receive and is not the discount their customers or bookstores receive.


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