Returns Option

When setting up a new title, you will be required to select a returns option and will have 3 to choose from, described further below. If you are not sure which option to offer, we suggest making the book non-returnable, which you can change later if needed. Returns can be very costly and since the books are printed as they are sold, there really should not be any returns. The “big box” stores such as Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Sam’s Wholesale, Costco, etc, will not purchase the book if it is non-returnable. However, they may special order it for a customer.

  • No or Non-Returnable

IngramSpark will not accept returns from booksellers for any title so designated.

  • Yes-Deliver

Select this option if you want your titles to be sold on a returnable basis and you would like to receive the physical copy of the returned book. Shipping fees will apply: $2 per book if returned to a US address and $20 per book if the address is outside the US. (Available for the US market only)

  • Yes-Destroy

Returned units will be shipped back to Ingram and destroyed. If you select this option, you will be charged the current wholesale cost of each book returned.

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