Scanning Fees

What are the Fees for Scanning a Book?

The total cost of scanning your book is based on the exterior, page count and if your title has images within the text.

Exterior Cover Scanning for both Hardback or Paperback is $75.00 or £42.00

Interior Book Block Scanning is $0.25 or £0.14 per page. This includes blank pages and up to 20 B&W halftone images.

If the interior pages of your book have more than 20 halftone images, then additional images are billable at a rate of 20 halftone images at $80.00 or £45.00.

Cost example of scanning a hardback book with 180pp and 30 images:

Cover scan:                     $75.00                £42.00

Interior scan:                  $45.00                £25.20

Additional images:          $40.00                 £22.50

TOTAL COST                   $160.00              £89.70 

NOTE: Color text and images may become black when scanned.

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