Gold Foil Spine Stamping

Gold Foil Stamping of text is an optional choice for cloth covered hardback books.
There is a fee of £14 / $25 per title.

If you choose a binding type of Hardback, you can select to have your book in the following versions:

  • Case Laminate - Color laminated cover glued to boards, no dust jacket (no gold spine stamp)
  • Cloth Blue - With or without dust jacket, text stamped on spine
  • Cloth Gray - With or without dust jacket, text stamped on spine

Cloth covered books are available in Indigo Blue Linen or Dove Gray (100% cotton fabric with acrylic-filled coating cover). Clothbound hardcover books are available with or without a four-color jacket.

Stamping is completed in 18pt. Cheltenham Bold font. Up to 42 characters (including spaces) may be used to stamp the title, author, and/or other text the publisher designates, onto the spine.

Characters available include the 26 upper and lower-case letters, based on the Latin alphabet, numerals 0-9, space, period, comma, hyphen, quote, apostrophe, colon, semi-colon hash/pound sign, question mark, exclamation mark, dollar sign, ampersand, quotation marks, asterisk, and the two parentheses.

The position of your text as it appears on the spine is determined by using the Left Justified, Center, and Right Justified text boxes. To keep the text in the correct alignment, there are character limits per field with 12 Left, 26 Centre, 12 Right. The fields will allow you to enter more than the limited characters but this causes overlapping of text and a revised file will be required.

To enable Stamped Text, Hardback and a Cloth Book choice must be selected at Step 5 of the Add New Title process.

Please input the text exactly as it should appear on the finished book, as any spelling errors or mistakes are not the responsibility for Lightning Source to correct.

The text is positioned on the spine of the book as the publisher designates during the title setup process.

Cloth Spine Text may match or be different from the Title and Contributor information entered under the General Information section for the book.

Please note: Gold Foil Stamping is NOT available for Paperbacks or Case Laminate hardcover books.




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