PDF Document Size is Incorrect

The PDF document size refers to the entire document, including crop marks, measurement notes, and white space of our cover template. The PDF document size is noted in the white area of our cover template. 

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    Ingeborg Knaipp

    I got a PDF for the cover of a book 178x254mm  with a spine of 15,87mm.  So the whole document should have the width of 2x178 plus 15,87mm plus the zones outside the crop marks which are 16mm each. The addition should make 403,87mm. But the template has a width of 419,7mm - what shall I do with the surplus of 16mm?
    Measured from the crop mark to the spine there should be a width of 178mm
    Right and left of the spine there are two fold marks on each side. Measured from the inner mark to the crop mark I get 186mm, from the outer mark 173mm - none makes the 178mm which are required. Why? I do not think that IngramSpark made a mistake - can you tell me where my error is located?

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