Where Orders Print

We have four print facilities in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Australia.

For orders printed in the US, we make every effort to manufacture each order at the most efficient location based on geography, capacity, and capability. There are many variables that influence where a specific order will be manufactured (equipment, weather, logistics, volume, capacity, site capability, etc). Based on these factors, a customer’s order may print at any of the four facilities (TN, OH, PA, CA) and the location could change from order-to-order.

In the US, orders of 2000 copies or more may be printed at an offset printer and receive better pricing when the Extended Print Service is selected during an order. Print Turnaround Times are longer. Not all book types can be printed by the offset printer. You can tell by the pricing estimate of your order. If a lower price is not reflected, the book cannot be printed by the offset printer. 

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