Order Status

To view the status of an order, login to your account and click on the ORDERS tab. You can click on the link for SUBMITTED ORDERS to locate an order or click on the link for SEARCH FOR ORDERS and enter the criteria to search with. If you do not enter any criteria with the SEARCH FOR ORDERS option, a list of all submitted orders will appear.

  • Pending – The order has been submitted but is not scheduled to begin the printing process. This status is commonly seen when the eproof is not approved. If your title is not in production, orders will not print. Please check the status of your title in your library.
  • Submitted – This means that the order has recently been submitted, but it has not routed to a print facility yet.
  • Print Ready – The order is ready to begin the printing process.
  • Printing – The order was routed to a print facility, and it is in the printing process.
  • Shipped – This means that the order has shipped and is out for delivery.
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