CoreSource: eBook Compensation and Fees

Ingram's CoreSource platform allows book publishers to archive, manage and streamline digital asset management and distribution through a single, powerful platform. Automated global distribution to an expansive network of trusted, global business partners. It's much more than just ebook distribution.

The standard rate for CoreSource is a $5,000 platform integration fee

CoreSource Plus Partners- ebook distribution:

There is a yearly Title Management Fee per title group, per year (divided equally over 12 months)

A monthly distribution fee of 9.5% of net sales

CoreSource partners - ebook distribution:

Publishers are not charged the Title Management Fee but are charged the monthly distribution fee of 9.5% of net sales, if Ingram distributes the ebooks for the publisher.

If the publisher chooses to distribute the ebooks through CoreSource, no distribution fee is charged.

Publishers set the retail price and the discount guidelines are as follows: Trade - 50%; Professional - 40%; Scholarly - 30%. Amazon and Apple discounts are different. For the most recent information for terms and fees, please contact a Lightning Source sales representative at:

Monthly sales reports will be emailed within five (5) business days of month end and will include sales for the current month. Payments are made to the publisher, via direct deposit or PayPal, 90 days from the end of the month in which the sales are reported

Separate reports are generated for wholesale eBook sales and agency eBook sales. Separate reports are also generated per currency. If you are selling in the retail and agency business models in both USD and EUR, you would then receive four sales reports.

*If there were no distribution sales, you will not receive a compensation report email and will not be able to generate a compensation report online.

CoreSource (see attached list of retailers at the bottom of this article) will report eBook sales during the first week of each month. 

CoreSource Plus retailers (see attached list of retailers at the bottom of this article) have 25 days after month end to report sales to CoreSource. For this reason, the sales report received will be for sales 60 days prior. See chart below for payment schedule. 


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