How to Create Good Book Metadata

Creating good book metadata takes an initial time investment but once it’s done, you’ll have a great marketing tool that helps you sell books. You can set it and forget it, until it’s time to update. Creating a list of relevant and targeted keywords and phrases enables you to write a keyword-rich author bio and book description to give the search engines reason to bring attention to your book when users search for those words or phrases.

For this reason, the most vital book metadata you’ll need to create are:

- 7 or more Keywords and key phrase
- Book description using those keyword
- Author bio, also using keywords

Once you create a Master document with this data you can use it to disseminate your book information in all kinds of places:

- Your ISBN record
- Your Lightning Source record to be disseminated to online retailers
- Any online retailer where you’re selling direct
- Your website author page and book pages
- Your Amazon Central author page
- Your Goodreads profile
- Social media profile pages
- Online interviews, guest blog posts, and other promotional appearances

Creating a Master document for your book metadata is a huge time saver when you realize how many places this data will be placed. Keep this worksheet handy and refine it over time. Revisit it every few months, to make sure it remains relevant.

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