Marketing Your Book

Making people aware of your book is one of the most important things you can do to sell your work. Marketing your book provides exposure, builds a fan base, and promotes sales.

Make sure you select the appropriate subject categories during the title setup process and selecting 3 categories is best.

Who is your target audience? Where would they most likely discover a new book like yours?

Get your book reviewed! You can pay to have your book reviewed by established publications such as Kirkus Reviews and Foreword Magazine. Publish the glowing recommendation where people can see it.

Create a webpage for your book and include a hyperlink that takes your online visitors to a page where they can purchase your book.

Make noise about your book through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Join book groups such as WATTPAD.

Create a blog of your own. Find some other bloggers who share the same interests with you, comment on their posts, and watch your network start to grow.

Have a detailed marketing plan that includes print advertising, reading events, online social media blasts, reviewers, tradeshows, and niche audiences. 

Give free books or ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to booksellers, librarians, and reviewers since they make lots of book recommendations to the public. Write a courteous, descriptive letter to the recipients of your ARCs asking them to read your book, include the letter with the book, and politely check back in a couple months, to ask how they liked it.

Get to know the local librarians and booksellers and make them aware of your book and ask about having an event to promote your book. Be a patron, be appreciative, be friendly, be courteous, and most importantly, be respectful.

For improvised hand-selling opportunities to folks who use e-readers, print up business cards with a web link they can use to download your e-book. 

As the world’s largest book distributor, Ingram issues its own series of catalogs to retailers and libraries—Ingram Advance Catalog (for adult fiction and nonfiction), Ingram Christian Advance Catalog (for books marketed to a primarily Christian audience), and Ingram Children’s Advance Catalog (for kids and young adult titles).

Aerio is an independent retail network built for book lovers to market & sell books direct to consumers. It allows users to turn any point of engagement—websites, blogs, or any social stream—into a point of sale. Read more about Aerio here

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