Calculating Compensation for eBook Sales through IngramSpark

Compensation for eBooks sales is 40% of the list price of your eBook. If your account has opted out of the Amazon agreement, compensation paid to you is 45% of the list price. 

You can easily calculate your publisher compensation for print books by using our helpful Publisher Compensation Calculator.

If a title is set up on your IngramSpark account, you can copy and paste your ISBN into the ISBN field, hit Tab on your keyboard, and the calculator will auto-populate with your title's information. Click the blue Calculate button, and you will see the list price, wholesale discount, and print cost of your book. You will also see your publisher compensation amount in blue. This is the compensation you will receive with each book that is sold. You may also select other markets (United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, and Global Connect) to see what your compensation will be for books sold in these markets.  

Publisher compensation is the wholesale cost of the book minus the print cost. 

*If you decide to change your list price, wholesale discount, or returns status, you can do this in your account as well.  Click on Titles and then the title of your book. This takes you to your Title Details page. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Market Pricing, and click the blue square/pen to make any changes. Click "Save" to ensure that any changes are saved.

Price changes are effective on the first of each month and should be submitted at least one week prior to the first of the month.

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