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To change the return designation for a title, login to your account and click on the title to be updated, which takes you to the Title Details Page. Click the blue edit button next to Market Pricing to make the change and be sure to click submit after making the changes.

Once you save the change, it will reflect on your account but the information will not be sent to retailers immediately. Price & return changes only occur on the first day of each month to ensure a smooth metadata update with retailers.

*If the terms of a title change from either “Yes-Deliver” or “Yes-Destroy” to “No”, Ingram will provide notice of the change to all retailers; however, booksellers will continue to have the right to return books for a period of 180 days from the date notice is provided to the booksellers, and the publisher will continue to have the obligation to reimburse Lightning Source for the wholesale cost of the books being returned, plus any applicable shipping and handling charges.

When the status is changed from “Yes-Deliver” to “No” please be aware that any books returned during the 180 day period will be handled pursuant to the “Yes-Destroy” designation, meaning the books will be destroyed and not returned.

*If the returns status changes from “No” to “Yes-Deliver” or “Yes-Destroy”, booksellers can return books immediately from the date notice is provided to the bookseller. The publisher should be aware that booksellers may return unwanted or overstocked books from the effective date of the change, regardless of when the books were originally purchased. Therefore, publishers should be prepared for the consequences of changing historically non-returnable books into returnable books.

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