Review an eProof

Your eProof is made available within 3-5 business days after your files are submitted. eProofs are available for print books only.

Click on the yellow button and then the title of your book, written in blue. This takes you to the title approval page, where you can download your eProof. Click on the green download proof link. Once you review your eProof, you may accept or reject it.

1) Approve the title and put it in distribution

2) Approve the title and keep it out of distribution until a later date (you can enable distribution at any time)

3) Do not approve the title and rejects the eProof

When reviewing your eProof, it is important to remember that onscreen colors will not precisely match the printed version of your book. We recommend that publishers order at least one physical copy of their book before placing a large order.

If your title has never been in production and you reject your eProof, you may upload new files at no cost.

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