eBook Interior ePUB File Creation Requirements

- Size: 100MB or less. Please note, while retail sites can accept 100MB files, the IDPF Validator cannot check files over 10MB due to the amount of time it would take.
- Format: Must be EPUBCheck 3.0.0 compliant. We cannot accept enhanced EPUB 3 files at this time.
- No single image inside an ePub can be greater than 3.2 million pixels. (Total pixels = length in pixels X width in pixels).
- Include an internal cover image. This should be formatted the same size of, and as part of your interior. (For use within the book content.)
- Be sure the metadata matches the information on your cover. For example, if the cover art and the book asset are for a book titled Paradiso, but the metadata is for Purgatorio, then the items do not match.
- There should not be any reference to page numbers in the book. This includes the Table of Contents. Your e-book will never look just like your print book. E-readers are limited in the way they display content and your book will appear different from device to device.

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