eBook Distribution through IngramSpark

Self-publishing your eBook with IngramSpark gives you unprecedented access to one of the world's largest online distribution networks. Ingram’s online retail partners have access to listing your eBook on their website for customers to purchase. A complete list of partners can be found here.

*If you have provided any e-books to Amazon for the Kindle in the past 12 months we will not be able to provide service to Kindle through the IngramSpark program.

*If you currently have e-book content available on Apple, you will need to remove those e-books from the iBook store prior to uploading those same titles into IngramSpark. Also, note that any reviews or ratings of that content will not transfer when your titles reappear in the iBook store.

*Fixed layout ePubs will only be available on Apple and Kobo, with the only exception being fixed layout children's ePubs as they will also be available on Barnes & Noble.

If you would like your ebook(s) sold through IngramSpark's retail network, you will need to first activate an account at www.ingramspark.com

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