Differences between Lightning Source and IngramSpark


Same printing options and global distribution services

Access to a support team, 7 days a week

Same book trim sizes, cover options, interior papers, and interior print options


Create an account, set up titles, and upload files to us all on the same day

File requirements:

Print books: digital print ready PDF’s, 1 for the interior and 1 for the cover

Ebooks: epub for interior and jpg for cover


Paperback or hardback - $49

Paperback or hardback AND ebook, if set up at same time - $49

Ebook only - $25

Revisions ($25 per file once in production)

Free global distribution

Publisher can purchase a discounted ISBN for $85 during title setup

Publisher can offer between a 30% and 55% wholesale discount

Publisher can convert print book to ebook via our conversion service (60 cents per page)

To sign up, go here: www.ingramspark.com


Publisher must meet new account qualification standards and meet a minimum number of published titles; may take several days to a week before an account is activated

File requirements (Print books only): digital print ready PDF’s of interior and cover

Option for Lightning Source to scan an already existing book


Paperback or hardback - $75

Revisions ($40 per file once in production)

$12 yearly global distribution fee

Publisher can offer between a 25% to 55% wholesale discount

No ebook services, but can use IngramSpark for ebook distribution and conversion

To sign up, go here: https://myaccount.lightningsource.com/account/signup



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