How to Embed Fonts

How to embed fonts will vary depending on the program you use. 


If using Microsoft Word, the last tab in this program should be Adobe PDF. Select this tab, then select Change Conversion Settings. Once this opens, please select the Settings tab, pull the Conversion Setting down to “High Quality”, then select OK.

Now create your PDF. (You should have three icons in your Word toolbar, click on the first one).

To check and see if your fonts are embedded after you have created your PDF, open your PDF after you have successfully distilled it. Next select File, Document Properties, and then Fonts tab. Next to each font name it should say Font Name (Embedded Subset). If any of the fonts do not have this next to the font name, it is not embedded.


If using Photoshop or InDesign, the fonts will be embedded when a PDF is created.*

*Unless it is a free font that doesn't come with printing rights. 

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