Automated Content Submissions

Automated Content Submission (ACS) Spreadsheet

As a Lightning Source publisher, you have the option to submit your titles on a spreadsheet instead of manually uploading and submitting metadata for each title on your account. Publishers must complete the following required information on the ACS spreadsheet for each print on demand title being submitted. Any items not supplied from this list will result in the ACS submission being rejected and returned for corrections.

Cell C3: Lightning Source Account Number

Cell G3: Metadata contact

Cell G4: Contact e-mail address

Cell G5: Contact telephone number

Column A: Parent ISBN 

Column B: ISBN 

Column C: Rendition/Booktype

Column D: Title

Column E: Publisher (your publisher name as listed with us)

Column F: Imprint (must be a valid imprint listed with us)

Column G: Cover Submission Method

Column H: Text Submission Method

Column I: Contributor One

Column J: Contributor One Role


If the title is to be made available to US retailers/wholesalers:

Column K: US Suggested List Price ($)*

Column L: US Wholesale Discount (%)*


If the title is to be made available to UK retailers/wholesalers:

Column M: UK Suggested List Price (£)*

Column N: UK Wholesale Discount (%)*


If the title is to be made available to any retailers/wholesalers:

Column AQ: Returnable

Column AR: BISAC Subject

Column AS: Language (defaults to English if left blank)

Column AT – AX: Flex field information to be used by prior arrangement only


If the title is to be made available to European retailers/wholesalers:

Column BD: Euro Suggested List Price (€)*

Column BE: Euro Wholesale Discount (%)*


* Pricing can only be supplied where the relevant Print on Demand agreements have been signed. If no agreements have been signed any titles with pricing will be rejected from your submission.


Uploading Files

You may submit files on your account or via FTP. Once files are received, they are reviewed by our file technicians. This review process typically takes about 3-5 business days, and you will receive an electronic proof to review once the review is complete. You may also place a proof order to receive a physical copy of your book.

*Publishers must be approved by their sales representative for ACS submissions.


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