How Do I Submit My Book for Scanning?

One of the many benefits of using Lightning Source is being able to submit a physical book for LS to scan and print. If you are unable to submit digital files for LS to process and print from, you may submit an already printed book instead. We will scan the book, produce digital files, and print from these files.

The cost of a scanned book is a $75.00 title setup fee plus $0.25 per page.

The turn-around-time to produce files from a scanned book is typically two weeks. Once the scanning process is complete, LS will produce the digital files for your book and provide an electronic proof for you to review and approve on your account. You may place a proof order and then approve the eproof after receiving a printed copy of your book.


Steps for Submitting Your Scan Book

Step 1:

Set the title up and include any special instructions. The special instructions field is your opportunity to include anything the technician will need to know while processing the title. 

Step 2:

When packaging your scan material, it is required to include the ISBN that matches the title set up. This should act as your packing list.

*Note: Special instructions should not be provided in the packaging. If you missed entering special instruction during title setup, please provide the special instruction to your CSR (with ISBN).                                                                                                             

Step 3:

Scan material can be submitted directly to Premedia at the address below.

Attn: Sandy Cunningham / Mail Stop 690

Ingram Content Group

14 Ingram Blvd.

Dock door 7

Lavergne, TN 37086



*Please note that because your book will be scanned and reprinted, the quality may be less than the original printed book.

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