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Account Setup

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Account Setup

If you have not yet registered for an Lightning Source account, please follow the steps below. If you already have an account but would like to read about the Account Setup Tasks.

Log on to and click on “Create Account.”


This takes you to our Create Your Account page. You will be asked basic but pertinent information to create your account. Once you have completed the information, please click on the blue “Continue” button to move forward.

You will receive a message similar to the one below:


Thank you, xxxxx for creating an Lightning Source account.

To complete the setup process just click on the link in the email that we just sent to you at You have 7 days to activate your account or you can easily start over by returning to our homepage at

  • Open your email to access the account verification link, and then log in to your Lightning Source account using your email address and password used on the Create Your Account page.
  • After logging in and agreeing to general terms of the site, you will be taken through four agreements.

The Global POD agreement is required, but it does not mean you are required to use those services. It simply means that you have those services on our account if you choose to use them later.

  • Global POD - Print-on-Demand (POD) services via our Lightning Source companies in the US, UK, AU, as well as the Global Connect and Espresso POD networks.

Once you select “I Accept” for the agreements, you will enter your electronic signature and title (e.g., owner). Click on the blue “Sign Agreements” button, and you are ready to access your Lightning Source account!


I have a Lightning Source account – now what?

When you first access your Lightning Source account, you are taken to your Dashboard. This is the page that you will see each time you log in. You should notice that there is a section in the middle of the page titled “Account Setup Tasks” with a green check mark beside “Complete Account Information.” There are still three other account setup tasks to complete before you can move forward with uploading your titles. Once all sections are complete, the red X’s will turn into green check marks, and you can start uploading your titles!

Outlined below is information regarding each account setup task.


Complete Account Information

This section will already be complete when you log into your account, and it contains information such as your business name and address. You can see this information by clicking on Account at the top of your page. If you ever need to update any information, you may do so by clicking on “Edit Account Information.”

*Please note that the Account Login ID (your email address) is the only thing that cannot be changed; however, you are able to change the email address that receives notifications.


Complete Publisher Compensation

If your book has any sales through Ingram’s distribution channels, you will receive compensation (royalties) via direct deposit. This is the section where you enter your bank account or PayPal information so you may receive publisher compensation. This information is in regards to compensation only.



Add Publisher Payment


Because all transactions require a valid credit or debit card, you will need to provide this information within your account. This includes fees related to title setup, revisions, and orders. For your security, credit card information is encrypted and can only be entered and changed by the account owner.



Enter Tax Information


Lightning Source requires all publishers to submit tax information for reporting purposes. Also, publishers may claim tax exemption in this section of the account. Tax exemption is only applied when the necessary paperwork is completed. If you are claiming tax exemption, you will need to click the blue “Claim US Tax Exemptions” button on your account and complete the steps.


If you have any tax-related questions, you may be able to find the answer in our Tax FAQs document:


You may upload tax documents through your account, by fax, or by mail:

Account: Click on Account, Tax Information, Upload Tax Document

Fax: 615-213-4735

Mail: New Accounts Manager

Ingram Content Group

14 Ingram Blvd

LaVergne, TN 34977



Claiming Tax Exemption as a Reseller

To claim an exemption based on resale, you must provide a properly completed resale certificate for all states where you are licensed as a reseller.

State laws require us to collect sales tax on all transactions that are not supported by a valid exemption certificate or otherwise exempt by law. All forms must be properly completed and include: (1) state registration number; (2) seller’s (where applicable) and buyer’s company name and address; (3) seller’s business activity; (4) description of products and services being purchased (Lightning Source or LSI products and services); (5) authorized signature; (6) statement that goods are being purchased as exempt (for example, resale); and (7) effective date.

*Publishers are only required to complete a tax exemption certificate for those states in which they do business.

We will apply home state certificate rules; however, there are several states that will not accept a reseller’s home state registration information to certify a sale for resale. These states are: California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi and Tennessee. For these states, we may be obligated to charge the sales tax unless a valid registration number is submitted for the state in question.

Publishers claiming an exemption must complete the Reseller Affidavit for states where they are registered for sales tax.

Claiming Tax Exemption as a Non-Profit

**If you are sending in a 501c3 letter, it will not exempt you from sales tax. This letter is provided to you for proof that the IRS have acknowledged that your organization qualifies as a non-profit entity, and this information is for Federal Income Tax purposes only.

In order to receive tax exemption as a non-profit organization, you must provide a copy of your tax exempt documentation.

There are guidelines for sales tax exemption as a nonprofit entity and we have provided them for you in the attached information. Review the guidelines for your state and what needs to be submitted to gain the sales tax exemption on your account as a nonprofit entity.

Your nonprofit sales tax exemption only exempts you in your home state. For exemption outside of your state, you would need to review the guidelines for states you want to ship to and provide what is needed to gain sales tax exemption in that state.

Once your documentation has been reviewed, you will be notified if your exemption has been approved within 3-5 business days.

Please also be aware that just because tax exemption documents have been uploaded to your account, it does not automatically grant your account as tax exempt. Until you receive confirmation that your account is tax exempt, and orders will be subject to tax and non-refundable.

If you have any further questions regarding account setup or tax exemption, please let us know. We are happy to help with any questions you may have.



Login Help

If you have forgotten your password and are experiencing issues logging into your Lightning Source account, you may request a temporary password. Once you receive your temporary password, you can use this to log in and update your password to something of your own choosing.

Steps to request a temporary password are outlined below:

  • Click on the blue “Forgot your password?” link

  • Enter your email address and click on the blue “Reset Password” button. This will generate a temporary password sent to your email address.



  • Passwords are case and space sensitive, so it important to be sure you are entering the temporary password correctly. For example, if an “n” is entered as an “N”, the password will be rejected.
  • You may consider copying and pasting the temporary password. If you do this, please be sure to remove any unnecessary spaces that could appear when you paste.
  • Once your temporary password is accepted, you will be able to create your own new password for future use.
  • Please note that if more than one temporary password is requested, you will need to use the most recent temporary password sent to you. Any previous temporary passwords are considered invalid once a new temporary password is requested.


If you continue to experience issues trying to access your account, please contact Lightning Source Support.


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