How to Cancel a Title

How do I cancel my book?

If you would like your title to be canceled (no longer available for printing or download), please reach out to the Lightning Source support team. You can contact them by phone, email, or chat.


How do I remove my book from retailer websites?

To remove or "de-list" a title (or a previous version of that title) on a retailer or distribution website is a difficult task to accomplish. Distributors purchase and retain copies of a title, and will continue to show availability as long as they carry inventory for that title. In the case of a distributor such as that allows sellers to set up virtual "stores" on their site, this is nearly impossible. These sellers may have new or used copies of the book and these copies will also show availability through any numbers of "Sellers."

Once a title is depleted, at least at the distributor level, this title should then either be shown as "title unavailable" or if there is a new version, this new version should generate the first "hit" in the title search within that site. However, any used copies for the original version of that title may continue to show as available for purchase.

**If your title is canceled, IngramSpark will not fulfill any new orders. 

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