Why Do I Have to Fill Out Reseller Affidavit Forms for Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia if I’m Not in Any of those States?

These states require their own state-issued form, as well as the Reseller Affidavit, to be completed to document a “Foreign” exemption. Please sign and date each form. Please ensure that your name and address is listed as the purchaser on each form and that Lightning Source Inc. is listed as the seller. For the general description of products to be purchased from seller, please insert “Products and services provided by LSI”.
Also, please consider the following items and ensure they are completed on each applicable form:
•In the “Qualifies As” area, please check the appropriate box that describes your business.
•Please insert your principle country of residence in the “City or State” box.
•Please insert your ID number from your principle country of residence in the “State Registration or ID Number” box.
•Sign and date at bottom.
•Line 7 of Step 4 – Check part 1
•Sign and date in Step 5 Michigan
•Section 2 – Check box 1
•Section 3 – Check box 10, enter your country of residence, your id number from that country, and the words ‘Foreign Reseller”.
•Section 4 – Complete, sign and date.
New York
•Check “Blanket certificate”
•Complete the Purchaser information line (ex. Publishing, books)
•Complete Part 2 (check Box D) and enter your country of principal residence in the “state/jurisdiction” line and your Foreign ID number in the “registration” line. •Sign and date at bottom
•Check “State or Local Sales and Use Tax “ at top form
•Check “Blanket” box above name of Seller
•Check box 3 and state (See Attached) in the “License Number” line. The affidavit has this information.
•If applicable, check the following statement in Box 7: “The purchaser makes no taxable sales/not required to hold a PA Tax License. Property sold in regular course of business.”
•Sign and date at bottom
•Check Box 1
•Provide your country of residence and your ID number from that country in the field for “Certificate of Registration No.”
•Please complete the line “Kind of business engaged in by dealer”. (Publishing, book store, ….)
•Complete address
•Date and sign

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