I am Tax Exempt. How Do I Submit My Documentation?

The Lightning Source website has been enhanced to make it easy to identify states in which you may be eligible for sales tax exemptions.


Step 1: Log in to your Lightning Source account at www.lightningsource.com

Step 2: On your dashboard, click “Account”

Step 3: Click the “Tax Information” button on the sidebar menu and then the “Claim US Tax Exemptions” button.

Step 4: Ensure “Yes” is selected and then click “Continue:

Step 5: Select “Claiming exemption based on resale and Business/Organization resides outside of the United States”

Step 6: Select the applicable country from the drop down and input the business identification number issued by the country in which your business is located (ex: in the UK, this would be your VAT number). Based on your selections, we will provide the necessary documents via email. Provide your email address where indicated and select “Send Email.” Once you receive the email print and sign all tax exemption forms. Scan and upload the signed forms to the website via the “Tax Information” page under “My Account” After completing the information requested, you will be provided with the forms for the states in which you are eligible for exemption. Forms must be completed and uploaded to Lightning Source through the “Upload Tax Documents” button by clicking “Accounts” on your dashboard. The button is located at the bottom of the “Accounts” menu.

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