Metadata Revisions


Metadata Revisions

One of the great benefits of having a Lightning Source account is being able to update your title’s metadata within your account. Updating the information about your book is quick and easy on the Lightning Source platform.


How to Submit a Metadata Revision

  • Click on Titles and then select the blue Start Search button. Click on the title of your book; this brings you to your Title Details page. 


  • Click on the blue square/pen beside the information that needs to be updated. For example, if you are updating the author name, you will click on the blue square/pen beside About the Author/Contributor


  • Once you make the update, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to ensure your changes are saved



What Can Be Updated?

If your title has never been in distribution, any changes can be made to your title.


If your title has been in distribution, only 20% of your book or less can be updated. Also, anything that affects how your book is printed cannot be updated. For example, changing from a black and white to color interior will not process correctly if your title has been in distribution. Too many changes or changes that affect the printing of your book will cause distribution issues.

*If you would like to move forward with making updates, we recommend purchasing a new ISBN and setting up a new title on your account.


If your title has been in distribution and you only need to make minor changes, you may do so. Examples include updating a subject code, book description, or review quotes.


When Do Updates Take Effect?

Metadata changes and updates can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to update on retailer websites. Ingram re-broadcasts the metadata feed we that we send through the distribution channels when you make updates, and how quickly this information updates will vary with each retailer.


Price Updates

Price updates are different than other metadata updates because they affect your publisher compensation and distribution orders. Our price changes are scheduled and occur monthly to ensure a smooth update in the distribution channels.


Printing Updates

If you update something that affects the way your book is printed, you may need to submit a new cover file. For example, if you change from Standard Color 50 to Premium Color, the paper weight is different, and your spine width will change. A new cover file with the correct spine width will need to be submitted to accommodate your changes and ensure the best printing results.


You should be prompted during the metadata change to submit a new file if necessary.


*Please note any updates that affect the printing of your book may also affect the printing cost of your book.


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